"Only he who handles his ideas lightly is master of his ideas, and only he who is master of his ideas is not enslaved by them."

Lin Yutang

Mastery implies so much more than behavioural competency: it is about developing, deepening and integrating our knowledge, skills and commitment to excellence, to our highest truth and capability. In short, it is about self-mastery.

Our NLP Master Practitioner training is designed to allow you to build on and transcend the skills and intuitions you have developed in your NLP journey so far. It will provide you with the observational, interactive, conceptual and analytical skills necessary to develop conscious and unconscious competence in advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It will support you as you learn how to think about thinking so that you can be generative in your approach to working with people — and in everything you do; so that you can develop personal mastery.

"If thou canst walk on water, thou art no better than a straw. If thou canst fly in the air, thou art no better than a fly. Conquer thy heart that thou mayest become somebody."


The core of the programme is modelling success and discovering the most important and relevant patterns, strategies and models that people use to deliver successful performance, their truth, in all walks of life.

You will learn how to become a master of some of the most effective tools for change that exist in our world today. And you will learn how to apply those tools with total integrity in a number of different contexts, including leadership, physical and mental health, education, creativity, business, amongst others.

"Knowledge has three degrees — opinion, science, illumination. The means or instrument of the first is sense; of the second, dialectic; of the third, intuition."


"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

Albert Einstein

Some of the tools and skills that you will develop are:

You will also spend creative time developing, working on and delivering your own project and coaching other participants as they move forward through the programme with you.

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level."

Joyce Brothers

We will help you develop these skills experientially by using techniques from Accelerated Learning to speed up and deepen what you already know and what you are learning: and we will encourage you to develop your intuition and hunches as you truly master the tools you are working with.



"Dare to Dream" introductory weekends 2021: To be confirmed.

NLP Practitioner Training: 2021: To be confirmed.

This course offers a new approach to a subject that fascinates us all — ourselves. It helps us to know ourselves and others better. It offers a rare opportunity to shift blockages in our ways of thinking and being, and provides practical tools with which to prune ingrained habits to enable optimal living. — Peter, Dorset